Selling Homes in Northern Virginia; Sold vs. Failure Probability

Most sellers don’t realize the probability of successfully selling their home in Northern Virginia versus the probability of failing to sell their home.  It’s a probability sellers should know when interviewing a Realtor to represent them in one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetime.  More importantly, how the Realtor will operate differently than average to increase the chances of seller success.

Sold Failure

Sellers in Northern Virginia Should Know Success Has a Plan
Statistically, sellers in Northern Virginia face more than a 1-in-3 chance of failing to sell their home when listed.  This failure is due to a variety of reasons – market, location, pricing class of the home, mis-pricing the home for market, condition, local absorption rates, and agent expertise, counsel and work-plan, or lack thereof.  Whatever the reason or reasons, the result is still the same – a failed listing that expires, or is withdrawn and a seller who has not reached their desired outcome.

Sellers Should Select a Realtor Who Can Stack the Deck in Their Favor
A seller who doesn’t reach their desired outcome is dissatisfied to be sure.  During the process, the seller has most typically walked a path of price reductions only to unsuccessfully chase the market down.  The seller has also absorbed significant carrying costs like additional mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and utility costs.  Not to mention being set-up for a pricing problem when deciding to re-list with another agent.  This is what I call the road to a seller’s lowest possible net proceeds and poorest selling experience to be sure.

Selling a home in Northern Virginia is a complicated process that requires a professional agent with an exceptional work plan and high performance results.  It demands a seller being partnered with the right agent who can ensure they reach their desired outcome.  A seller should expect nothing less!  Sellers should understand the complete process of selling a home.  An exceptional Realtor will stack the deck in a seller’s favor in every phase of the home selling process; from preparing the home to be list ready and placed in its best light, to listing the home active on the market and strategically marketing to the widest and deepest audience of buyers for that specific home, to working through offers and ultimately contract ratification, to managing the closing process all the way to settlement and beyond.  This is a seller’s path to the highest net proceeds and an exceptional selling experience.

Key Takeaway – Statistics matter, because they measure performance.  Average agents produce average results.  Exceptional agents produce exceptional results.  The Listing-to-Sold ratio at AveryHess for homes sold in Northern Virginia is near 90%!  This is an exceedingly higher performance rate compared to average agents and an example of the type of agent and broker with which a seller should be partnered.  A seller’s best interests are best protected by brokers and agents with a HIGHER sold ratio, LESS days on the market, and produce HIGHER net proceeds.

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