AveryHess, Realtors® & Agents Continue to Earn Awards of Distinction

For over 25 years, AveryHess, Realtors® has specialized in serving the unique residential real estate needs of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  With a team of nearly 200 agents across eight offices, AveryHess is a relatively small brokerage, but it continually splashes the market with large achievement.  AveryHess consistently receives high marks in agent training and superior customer service, which go hand and hand with company and agent production awards each year. 

Sales1In 2018, AveryHess was awarded the Lexicon Supplier Excellence Platinum Award for its top performing Relocation Services.  This award deserves special attention, because it’s among the most prestigious and difficult awards to receive in our industry.  Relocation services are sometimes required for a client who is offered a relocation package by their employer.  In this capacity, we are the broker selected to help in the sale of their home and purchase of another.  It is a particularly challenging transaction, because it involves client and employer and simultaneously delivering on multiple desired outcomes.  Participation in this market segment can only be performed by the most experienced, capable and well vetted brokers and agents.  That’s why we are so pleased to have received the highly sought after Lexicon Award, because it’s recognition of our achievement in a space where only the best of the best brokers and agents can participate.

The Lexicon Award is emblematic of our other achievements, including each year being recognized by the Washington Business Journal as one of the Top 20 Residential Real Estate Companies.  The enduring broker-agent partnerships at AveryHess is the cornerstone of our achievement and a reflection of our guiding principle to collaborate with our buyer and seller clients “Every Step of the Way”.  Our number of transactions in the tens of thousands and billions of dollars in sales volume is humble proof of just what we’ve accomplished at AveryHess.

This road of accomplishment and distinction is a simple reminder of what can be achieved when you strive to deliver more than your client expects.  This is the level of knowledge, expertise and service that I bring to every client with which I have the pleasure of working and I’m pleased to have done my part to help elevate the AveryHess team to these levels of distinction.  Here’s just a sampling of some of the awards we’ve received.

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