Broadlands, Ashburn VA – Current Home Sales Activity

Broadlands – Ashburn, VA –  These three statistics are often the most important gauges to monitor sales activity in the Broadlands. This information is automatically updated here on the 10th of each month. The first statistic is the Average Sale Price, which shows housing price strength and level of appreciation. The next statistic is the Average Days on Market (DOM), which measures sales velocity or speed to a contract. The last measurement is Average Sales Price to Original List Price, which measures the sold price relative to the seller’s asking price – or the level of conviction in a buyer’s offer and subsequent contract.

*If you’re interested in Broadlands Home Sales Activity, bookmark this page or review it regularly. The data source for the meters is automatically updated on the 10th with the proceeding month’s activity.

The data shown represents current activity for the specified month (noted under the meter). Seasonality and the available number of homes in the community for sale can sometimes mean only a small group of sales are represented. Home type, size, characteristics, improvements and condition may vary also affecting the averages.

Please contact me if you’d like to see the specific listings and details of the homes sold in this period. I can also include photos and other information so you’re able to better evaluate these home sales against your specific home. I can also provide similar sales activity and statistics for any prior time period in which you may be interested.


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