Stonegate, City of Alexandria – Northern Virginia – Home Sales 2018

City of Alexandria, VA – Jan. 12, 2019 –  Home sales in the Stonegate subdivision of the City of Alexandria continued a brisk pace in 2018. The average sold price in 2018 was $630,956 compared to $612,368 during the previous year – an increase of 3.04%.

Stonegate is just one of 600+ subdivisions across the Northern Virginia housing market. Other subdivisions include The Ridges of Glendilough in Fairfax, Singleton’s Grove in Centreville, and the Broadlands in Ashburn just to name a few. Each subdivision has its own unique selling characteristics and sub-market statistics that feed into the overall Northern Virginia market. Stonegate’s average selling price increase of 3.04% was on par with the 2.93% average price increase seen in the overall Northern Virginia region. Stonegate experienced a moderate slowdown in terms of days on market (DOM). DOM measures the speed to a contract, or transaction velocity. Stonegate clocked an average of 64 days, up from 54 days experienced the previous year. This marked a little slower pace to a contract.

The table below illustrates the specific activity experienced in the Stonegate subdivision – 2018 as compared to 2017.

Stonegate 2018

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