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How to Calculate Apartment Building Valuation in Northern Virginia; Gross Rent Multiplier – Return on Investment – Internal Rate of Return

What is Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)?
In a recent blog post, I explained the use of Cap Rate by investors as a financial technique to estimate value when considering the buying or selling of a multi-family apartment building.  Another metric used in real estate is Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM).  Like Cap Rate, GRM is simply a gauge of value, but  …  Read More

Helping Multi-Family Apartment Owners in Northern Virginia Improve Value!

Owner and Realtor® collaborate to improve building value. Multi-family apartment owners find compelling value in hiring a Realtor® who understands and implements the objectives that are important to them.

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General Cap Rates by Multi-Family Building Class in Northern Virginia – First Half 2018; Just One of Several Methods Used to Estimate Building Value

Sophisticated investors use multiple financial techniques to estimate value when considering the purchase of a multi-family apartment building.  Cap Rate is a commercial real estate metric that measures a property’s unlevered return (without debt) based on the net operating income (NOI) the property generates.  Cap Rate is a standard metric used in the industry, but it’s usually just the starting  …  Read More