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Is the Northern Virginia Housing Market Signaling a Bubble? Context Means Everything.

Majority of Home Sellers & Buyers Worry About a Housing Bubble & Price Crash

Naturally, home sellers and buyers are often concerned about home prices. It’s an asset class they either own or are considering owning. This concern becomes even greater when the impacts of the Great Recession and 2008 housing collapse are still visible in the rearview mirror for  …  Read More

Zillow’s Zestimate Is Frequently Wrong in Northern Virginia; Unhelpful to Buyers, Sellers & Renters


Zillow’s Inaccuracy Frustrates Consumers & Company CEO

So much so that Zillow has been accused of misleading and irresponsible home price estimates that have hurt both home buyers and sellers. Certain complaints have risen to the level of class-action lawsuits filed against Zillow in federal court. These court briefs outline that Zillow’s Zestimates are consistently inaccurate by anywhere from 6%  …  Read More

What Qualifies as a Legal Bedroom in Virginia?

The definition of a legal bedroom in Virginia is typically determined by local municipality zoning codes as generally established by the International Residential Code (IRC). The definition can vary by jurisdiction, building type and zoning for a particular lot. The requirements for a legal bedroom can be confusing and often times misunderstood by consumers. A universal requirement and general starting  …  Read More

Tim Trainum, Top Producing Real Estate Agent – Northern Virginia

It has been a busy year and a great Spring Season 2019! Thank you to all my wonderful clients who continue to put their trust in me. It brings me great joy to problem solve, provide superior customer service and deliver exceptional outcomes!!
Thank you for helping me be a Top Producing Agent!!
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 …  Read More

The Buyer that Wins Seller Acceptance in Northern Virginia is Often Not the Highest Price. What Else Matters?

Present & Evaluate Home Offers Like a Billion Dollar Procurement
Procurement is the process of buying goods, works or services. The U.S. federal government alone procures over $500 billion annually. A government, company or organization (client) wishing to obtain goods or services organizes a bidding process known as tendering. The underlying objective of the tender process is to ensure open  …  Read More