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Low Fee Agents Cause Serious Seller Losses in Northern Virginia

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What Defines a Low Commission, Bargain-Priced Agent?
The average listing fee to sell a home in Northern Virginia is approximately 2.85% (excluding the fee to a buyer’s agent). Generally, a low commission, bargain-priced agent prices their listing fee in the range of 1 to 1.5%. That’s an astonishing 50 to 65% below most full-service agents. Low commission broker-agents are generally
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Type of Real Estate Agent Matters When Selling Your Home in Northern Virginia

Broker-Agent Business Models

Independent Agents are Best Calibrated for Seller Success
BrightMLS statistics prove that Top Producing, Independent Agents perform at an exceedingly higher level when compared to bargain-priced agents and large agent-teams. There is a proven Seller Success Trajectory that occurs across home selling models. The selling model that produces the lowest seller value and highest risk is For Sale By Owner
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How to Deliver a Seller Success Quotient When Selling a Home in Northern Virginia


Realtors® Are Not Created Equal
There are over 16,000 member Realtors® in Northern Virginia between three associations; the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR), the Realtor Association of Prince William (PWAR), and the Dulles Area Association of Realtors (DAAR). The largest association being NVAR with over 12,500 members. Buyers and sellers should know the only common denominators shared among practicing  …  Read More

How to Get a Home Ready to Sell in Northern Virginia for Top Dollar

How Long Do Homeowners Stay in Their Homes?
The average Northern Virginia homeowner stays in their home for 11.1 years before selling. That’s a long time and a lot can happen to a home in 11 years – preparing to sell takes time – not just for your home but also for you. Not surprisingly, most of us don’t live  …  Read More

Transparency is the Best Approach When Handling Real Estate Commission in Northern Virginia


What is the Consumer Objective?
The consumer objective is to procure an agent who provides a compelling value proposition. One who has the requisite skill and experience to achieve the consumer’s desired outcome while producing the highest qualitative and quantitative benefits. Qualitative benefit is derived from elements like protecting a client’s best interests and providing superior customer service. In the  …  Read More