Northern Virginia Home Appreciation; A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Home prices bottomed in the 2011-12 range coming out of the housing decline and Great Recession.  Many home buyers don’t realize that prices have fully recovered in most Northern Virginia areas and have actually elevated beyond the former 2006 price highs.  …  Read More

Selling Homes in Northern Virginia; Sold vs. Failure Probability

Most sellers don’t realize the probability of successfully selling their home in Northern Virginia versus the probability of failing to sell their home.  It’s a probability sellers should know when interviewing a Realtor to represent them in one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetime.  More importantly, how the Realtor will operate differently than average to increase the  …  Read More

Mortgage Rates for Buying a Home in Northern Virginia Have Likely Bottomed (from April 2018)

The technical movement of prices can be very powerful indicators of future movement.  The 10-yr treasury rate, the key driver for mortgage rates, has displayed a very convincing bottom which indicates the path of least resistance to be upward and higher rates.  Higher rates can have important implications on mortgage rates and home buyer behavior in the Northern Virginia real  …  Read More