Active Listings Remain Down in Northern Virginia; Highlights the Importance of Partnering with a Professional Agent!

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Active Listings Remain Down – Advantage Sellers
What is an active listing?  An active listing is a home offered for sale by the seller.  It has been entered into the online Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and a real estate broker is under contract with the seller to market the home and solicit offers from buyers.  Active listings in Northern Virginia
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Low Housing Inventory in Northern Virginia; Challenging for Buyers, Advantage Sellers!

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Housing Inventory at Historic Lows – Why?
The Northern Virginia housing market is in the midst of one of the most competitive environments experienced by buyers.  “Why?” is a common question asked of real estate agents, but the question is usually met without a complete answer, so I thought it would be a great topic to address in this month’s
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Northern Virginia Investment Property Returns; A Class Of Their Own

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Investment Property is Real Estate Purchased for the Purpose of Renting.
Investment property is generally considered property held by the owner to earn rent, or acquire gains through capital appreciation, or both.  For the typical buy-hold investor it’s both – rent and capital appreciation.

Total Return = Cash Flow + Loan Principal Pay Down + Value Appreciation.
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Northern Virginia Home Appreciation; A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Home prices bottomed in the 2011-12 range coming out of the housing decline and Great Recession.  Many home buyers don’t realize that prices have fully recovered in most Northern Virginia areas and have actually elevated beyond the former 2006 price highs.  …  Read More

Selling Homes in Northern Virginia; Sold vs. Failure Probability

Most sellers don’t realize the probability of successfully selling their home in Northern Virginia versus the probability of failing to sell their home.  It’s a probability sellers should know when interviewing a Realtor to represent them in one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetime.  More importantly, how the Realtor will operate differently than average to increase the  …  Read More