Mortgage Rates Nearing Historic Lows in Northern Virginia. Opportunity Strikes Again!

  • It’s amazing how many times a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes around. But here we are again with mortgage rates nearing historic lows.
  • People who need to pay the most attention are the one-third (1/3) of homeowners who could currently benefit from refinancing. Not to mention buyers sitting on the sidelines deciding when is the right time to purchase a home.
  • It’s fairly unprecedented
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Tim Trainum, Top Producing Real Estate Agent – Northern Virginia

It has been a busy year and a great Spring Season 2019! Thank you to all my wonderful clients who continue to put their trust in me. It brings me great joy to problem solve, provide superior customer service and deliver exceptional outcomes!!
Thank you for helping me be a Top Producing Agent!!
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Selling Process

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Listing Performance (Reston)

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The Buyer that Wins Seller Acceptance in Northern Virginia is Often Not the Highest Price. What Else Matters?

Present & Evaluate Home Offers Like a Billion Dollar Procurement
Procurement is the process of buying goods, works or services. The U.S. federal government alone procures over $500 billion annually. A government, company or organization (client) wishing to obtain goods or services organizes a bidding process known as tendering. The underlying objective of the tender process is to ensure open  …  Read More

Agents Must Work Differently to Help Home Buyers Become Better Positioned to Compete in Northern Virginia – Here’s why…

People are Competitive and So is Buying a Home
Competition is at the root of our evolutionary heritage. Competition is one of the most basic functions of nature. This was a well-studied subject in the 1800’s by Charles Darwin, the father of natural selection. It can sure feel like survival of the fittest when helping a buyer compete in today’s  …  Read More

Residences at Fair Chase, Fairfax VA – Current Home Sales Activity

Residences at Fair Chase – Fairfax, VA –  These three statistics are often the most important gauges to monitor sales activity in the Residences at Fair Chase. This information is automatically updated here on the 11th to 13th of each month. The first statistic is the Average Sale Price, which shows housing price strength and level of appreciation. The  …  Read More