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Zillow’s Zestimate Is Frequently Wrong in Northern Virginia; Unhelpful to Buyers, Sellers & Renters


Zillow’s Inaccuracy Frustrates Consumers & Company CEO

So much so that Zillow has been accused of misleading and irresponsible home price estimates that have hurt both home buyers and sellers. Certain complaints have risen to the level of class-action lawsuits filed against Zillow in federal court. These court briefs outline that Zillow’s Zestimates are consistently inaccurate by anywhere from 6%  …  Read More

Helping Sellers in Northern Virginia Improve Home Condition for Maximum Proceeds

Using My Knowledge of Property Value & Home Improvements for Seller Benefit
My overarching goal when working with my sellers is to sell their home at maximum price, in the shortest time frame, and do it in the most professional and efficient manner while safeguarding their best interests at all times. Two components of my guiding principle involve price and  …  Read More

The 6 Factors That Determine Property Value for Sellers in Northern Virginia

The Power of Six 
There are many examples of how factors of six can be very powerful. For example, bees construct their hive in the shape of the six-sided hexagon, because the hexagon is the most efficient, least wasteful shape found in nature. There are examples in business too. There is a Big 6 in media – GE (NBC), Disney  …  Read More

How to Sell a Home in Northern Virginia; the Step-by-Step Process

Most Important First Step is Selecting a Realtor® 
Whether you’re a first-time home seller in Northern Virginia, or you have sold multiple homes in your lifetime, the process of selling a home can be involved and time consuming. It requires the help of an experienced real estate professional. The life change that brings a seller to the decision point to  …  Read More